My Preferences

The first time you login, you will automatically be taken to the Preferences page after accepting the Terms and Conditions. This page is where you will set your personal preferences for your default search type, Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), reports and parameters for comparable property searches.

Additionally, when you received your RealQuest Professional login, you were provided with a default password. At any time, you can change your password. On the My Preferences page, go to the “General Section” as shown here:

Select your default reports by checking the box next to each report listed in the Report Options area. Additional reports can be added by simply choosing from the “Additional Reports Available” option within any search.*

*Please note that report options listed may not be enabled based on your subscription type. If you receive the following error message, it is because you are attempting to access a report that is outside of your subscription:

“You do not have access to this feature. Please contact Customer Service at 800.345.7334 or your administrator to request it.”

Enable additional reports and features by calling 800.345.7334.

From the My Preferences tab, select the settings you want to personalize by clicking on the radio button next to each type. My Preferences allows you to mange your account in a more efficient manner.

If you’re interested in previewing your data prior to accepting records, it’s recommended that you select the “View Report Summary page before proceeding to selected reports.” This option is available under “General, Other Report Options.”

View Usage

You can view the number of records and report types generated by selecting the View Report Usage in the My Preferences section, via the link at the bottom of the Report Options box or through the Administrative Module (if provisioned).








Administrative Module

Make RealQuest Professional your own by using the Administrative Module. If provisioned, this feature allows you to manage your company’s account at the group or individual level.

  • Manage user profiles
  • Set report permissions
  • Customize AVM use
  • Access, print and export current and historical usage metrics at the group and individual level
  • Create and save standardized export formats
  • Brand the site or reports with your company logo