Within LoanSafe 2.0 there are multiple variations of what customers can choose to run in their reports and there are other variations based on the data the user enters. The results of the report will vary based upon what data elements are entered.

The Property Address is required which provides the following results:

  • LoanSafe Score based on collateral model
  • Property/market alerts will be turned on
  • Property Detail is provided: Market Analysis, Subject Property Analysis, Maps, Subject Sales and Loan History, Nearby Sales Transaction History and characteristics.

The Value Estimate is not required to produce a LoanSafe score, but is important for the most effective collateral scoring.

If you enter the Loan Number and/or Amount, it populates at the top of the report. This is not a required field, but very helpful for reference.

If you enter the Primary Borrower Information, the LoanSafe Score will be adjusted based on the borrower model. This detail is not required; however, it provides a significant insight given the data elements entered:

  • Borrower First and Lanst Name are required input for Identity, Owner Occupancy and Undisclosed Debt alerts and to produce important fraud detection abilities.
  • If you enter: Borrower’s DOB, Current Address and Phone Number, then the Borrower Data Validation alerts are turned on (relevant for fraud detection).
  • If you enter Borrower’s Income and Employer Information, then the income validation alert will be turned on with alerts turned on.

LoanSafe® Risk Manager Suite

Residential mortgage fraud continues to evolve and escalate, requiring lenders, servicers and investors to adopt increasingly advanced detection and decision analytics.

LoanSafe Risk Manager combines our data, analytics and precision into two modules – LoanSafe Collateral Manager and LoanSafe Fraud Manager. Together, these solutions minimize collateral risk and maximize fraud detection – an unbeatable combination that reduces losses from early payment defaults and buybacks. The entire LoanSafe suite was enhanced to include additional configuration options upon request, including data contribution.