DU3.2 Upload

Lenders now have the ability to import a DU3.2 file in lieu of manually entering the fields on the LoanSafe input form. Uses can browse for files and data from the uploaded files is automatically parsed and key data is automatically entered in the appropriate fields.

Key Information:

  • Fannie Mae created a proprietary format for submitting 1003 applications to its Desktop Underwriter system v3.2 (DU3.2). This is a well known format and any entity that is part of the loan application chain will have access to creating a 1003 in this format.
  • Files may not exceed 100 MB.
  • All fields will be editable after file upload and before requesting the report.
  • Error handling of the Input Information page has been enhanced to coincide with the DU3.2 upload functionality and increased number of required fields. Not all required fields can be extracted from the DU3.2 file and some must be entered manually.