Report Options

Finding your comparable properties has been made easier than ever before, with flexibility throughout your search, you can find exactly what you need.

  • When Comparables is chosen as a report option, you are given the opportunity to modify your comparable search criteria prior to submitting your property search by clicking on the option found directly below the Report Options box on the Address, Advanced Address, Owner and APN search pages.
  • When modifying your comparable search parameters via this option, you can select new criteria for a single search request or save it as your preferences for future comparable searches.
  • In viewing your Comparable Report from the Report Summary page, you will be provided with a Comparable Summary list, providing you with details of the properties found that met your comparable search criteria. Additional property detail can be seen, by clicking on the property address link displayed on this page.
  • From this page, you will also be able to select or deselect one or more of the properties found from your final Comparable Report. Should you find that none of the properties meet your needs, you can further refine your comparable search criteria by clicking on the “Modify Comparable Search Criteria option.

The Street Map Plus report provides you with a whole new view of the world.  There are many different options available to navigate and view your properties. 

  • Navigation
  • Zoom  In / Zoom Out – the zoom feature can be used a couple different ways:
  • A  zoom bar is available to move the slider to the right to zoom in and to the  left to zoom out.
    • You  can use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons.
    • A  “double-click” on the map will center the map at that location and zoom in one  level.
    • The  mouse wheel will zoom in and out.
  • Pan  – your options include
    • Hold  the left mouse-click down and move in the desired direction.
    • Use  the directional arrows.
  • View
    • Road  – a street map view which includes labels on the map.
    • Aerial  – an aerial map view of the area with an option to show street label.  Note:  closer zoom levels of aerial images are not supported in some areas.  If an aerial image is not available at a zoom level, then a “camera” image is displayed.  You will need to zoom out to get an image back.
    • Bird’s  Eye – this view is available in many major metropolitan areas.
      • If bird’s eye view is available for a location, the bird’s eye notification appears when you zoom in on the map to nine miles or less.
      • Two zoom levels are available in bird’s eye view.
      • You can navigate in bird’s eye by switching to different images in the thumbnail grid.
      • You can rotate the map in bird’s eye by using the orientation control.  The orientation control changes so that the direction you’re viewing is always on top.Layers
  • Parcels  – once you get to the closer zoom levels of 17, 18, and 19, then the parcel map layer will become enabled in available counties.  We are constantly adding more parcel layer coverage to our database.

You can select an Automated Valuation model from a list of offerings.  If not specified, the default AVM will be ValuePoint®4.

If you select the ValuePoint®4 model, the Search page will provide you with the option of setting a Valuation Date. If a date is specified, the selected property will be valued as of the date entered. To value the property for a prior date, enter the past date in a (MM/DD/YYYY) format. A related Automated Valuation option is the ValuePoint®4 report archive retrieval. The archive offers the option to view previously ran ValuePoint®4 reports (based upon your userid) for viewing and tracking purposes.

Freddie Mac’s Home Value Explorer
Freddie Mac’s HVE offers an AVM with a low, estimated, and high market value estimate and includes a confidence score and recent sales (if available).
There are optional HVE input fields available on the Search page if your first attempt did not return a value. You must complete all four data elements to attempt to run a HVE report with the “seeded” information.

The “Score” result on Freddie Mac’s Home Value Explorer report can be explained further by the following:
High – indicates point estimate is likely to be very close to the actual selling price. There is a great deal of high quality data available on this property.
Medium – indicates the point estimate is likely to be close to the actual selling price, yet may swing a little more towards the high or low estimate. There is less data available on this property.
Low – indicates the actual selling price will fall somewhere between the low and the high value range. There is less data and may be conflicting data, therefore it is more difficult to predict the exact selling price.

The Hours of Availability for Freddie Mac’s HVE model is the following:
Monday – Friday: 3:00 AM – 10:00 PM PT
Saturday: 3:00 AM – 8:00 PM PT
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM PT

Select as a default one of three AVM cascades that works best for you. The first, GeoAVM™ Core, which is created and maintained by CoreLogic, is designed to deliver our strongest hit rate with high accuracy. The second, GeoAVM™ Precision, is also created and maintained by CoreLogic with interagency guidelines in mind. It offers our premier level of accuracy designed to meet the unique needs of banks who intend to use an AVM in lieu of an appraisal for a funding decision. Both GeoAVM cascades include nightly AVM testing and quarterly cascade updates. The third, Custom Cascade, is a cascade that you configure by geographic location using any of the available AVM brands.

When you select AVM Cascade from the Report Options list, RealQuest Pro will remember the last cascade you ran. To change the cascade, select the corresponding radio button.

Select one of the two display output options. The first option, which is the default, ensures only the first successful AVM report in the sequence is purchased and displayed. The second option allows for all successful AVM reports to be purchased and displayed.

Parcel maps are viewed in a .TIFF image viewer. If you have any problems displaying a parcel map after clicking on a map link above, please contact our Customer Service Department at 866-774-3282.

In order to view and print a document image, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader V3.0 or higher. We recommend the most current version, which offers additional functionality. To download a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.

The Neighborhood Information report is a single report that contains four distinct areas of information: Demographics, School, Local Business and Crime. Any one or more or these sections can be included or excluded from the report. The default setting for this report is to include all sections with the exception of Crime information.

Freddie Mac’s Home Value Calibrator®
Freddie Mac’s Home Value Calibrator® (HVC) report provides underwriters, QC managers, portfolio managers, and appraisal review departments with an integrated, automated decision support tool to identify potentially overinflated collateral valuations. This enhancement streamlines the loan review process, reduces risk of potential defaults, and reduces operating costs.

Here is a sample of the score breakdown:
700 – 900 = Close loan / move to portfolio** desktop
600 – 699 = Review loan file
401 – 599 = Perform desktop review using AVM
300 – 400 = Conduct full review appraisal

** As always, be sure to conduct your normal appraisal QC process, whether required by the ‘Freddie Mac Single-Family Guide’ or another investor.

For more information on the Home Value Calibrator® product, please go to:


In order to obtain the best possible output results; please follow the instructions below.

For Internet Explorer, First launch the browser. Secondly, click on the Tools option. Then click on Internet Options in the drop down list. Next click on the Advanced tab. Now scroll down to the Printing settings and click on the “Print background colors and images” check box. This will allow you to print the row shading and outline report graphics as seen on screen, for more readable and user friendly output results.

If some reports (such as the Property Detail one-page) are printing to a second page, there are some recommendations to try to make this print to one page.

In Internet Explorer, go to the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Page Setup’.  Set your print margins to a smaller number.  You can also remove the header or footer from printing.
(Note: any changes will apply to any printing done in your Internet Explorer).