Custom Search


Locate properties by building your own custom search criteria in a simple four-step process. You can then export or print your retrieved property information in various report formats. To begin:

  • Select a Geographic Identifier
    You may choose to select a State and County from our dropdown lists or enter a known ZIP code. (Note: any entered ZIP code will not be included in your search criteria.)  To include ZIP code as part of your search, select the Site ZIP code search tool in Step 2. To view the latest recording date currently in our database for the county selected, click on the “Latest Recording Date” link.
  • Select Search Criteria
    Click on the dropdown list to view the available Search Tools. Click on the desired Search Tool and supporting Search Criteria will be made available for your input. Search Criteria may offer a “from and to” range or a list of available options for the selected search tool. You can add as many variable search tools and related criteria as necessary to define your custom search. For helpful “Tips” on a selected Search Tool, scroll over the “?” symbol.
  • Review Criteria
    Review the criteria you have selected for your search. If you wish to delete a selected parameter, click on the “X” next to the Search Tool Name. To change or update the criteria of a selected tool, click on criteria link.
  • Additional Option - Sort Selection - You can select from our drop down list Primary and Secondary data elements to sort your retrieved results in either ascending or descending order.
  • Additional Option – Save Search - You can select to save your search criteria for future use. After entering the needed search information, select “Save Search”. You will be prompted to enter a name for your search; it is recommended that you name your search something that can be easily identified in the future.
  • Submit Your Search
    Once submitted, a Search in Process page will be displayed. This page will provide you a running count of the number of records found and display the search criteria that you have selected. Upon completion of the search, a Results Confirmation page will display, if selected as a preference. This page will provide you with a final count of records found. You will have the option of Accepting the Results, Refining your Search Criteria or Previewing the Data of the records found.
    - Accepting Records - When accepting records for purchase, your account will only be billed for the records that are retrieved from the search. (Note: billing charges may vary based upon how your account is setup.)
    - Refining Criteria - If the number of records returned exceeds or falls short of your desired results, you can refine your search parameters by clicking on the “Refine Criteria” button. You will be returned to the Custom Search page where you can change or add to any one of the four search sections.
    - Preview Data - Prior to “Accepting” the record retrieved in your search, you can preview the data of the properties found. The preview will provide you with Primary Owners’ Last Name, the Situs Address and Situs City name. You can then select and accept All records, a Range of records or selected properties from the list. You will also have the option to further refine your criteria, before accepting any records returned.


A list of properties found is provided, and the APN, Owner Name, and Situs Address are displayed for each property. By selecting on any one of the individual property list links, you will be directed to a Report Summary Page for the selected property. From this page you can select any one of the report options available that your account has access to.

Standard output options are automatically available for your Custom Search results. Any or all of the following can be selected at no additional charge:

  • Export
    You can select from one of four “.csv” export formats including two mailing label formats. Case selection of all Upper Case or mixed case is available. You also have the option to include a header row of the exported field names. You can also select to export some or all of the records retrieved, by selecting one of three options: All, a Range of Records, e.g. #23 thru 456, or Selected Records checked on the Property List Page. Your exported file can be saved locally for future use.
  • Labels
    This option will create an “.rtf” file viewable in Word. Three Avery Label formats are available for you to choose from include 5160, 5161, and 5162. Case selection of All Upper or Mixed Case can also be defined. You can select some or all of the records retrieved, by selecting one of three options: All, a Range of Records, e.g. #23 thru 456, or Selected Records checked on the Property List Page. Your Word file should be saved locally for future use.
  • One-line Report
    This report option will provide a one-line report of all properties found or those selected from the Property List. This one-line display is limited to a predefined set of data element which includes: APN, Owners, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone No., Recording Date, Sale Date, Sale Price, Year Built, Number of Beds, Number of Baths, Building/Living Area, Lot Area, Land Use, and Distance from Subject.  (Note: it’s suggested that you select “Landscape” page orientation in your browser when printing this report.)
  • Short Report
    This output option provides a short summary record for all properties found or those selected from the Property List.
  • Detail Report
    This output option provides a Detailed Property Report for all properties found or those selected from the Property List.
  • Additional Report Option - Multiple Report Summary - You can select multiple properties from the Property List to retrieve any one of the standard reports available in RealQuest. At least two and no more than ten properties can be selected to perform this function.
  • Additional Report Option – Radius Search - By selecting a single property from the Property List, you can create a secondary list based on the radius distance of the selected property. If chosen, you will be prompted to enter the radius distance desired for your search. Additional search criteria can also be added to further refine your search. A new Property List will result from this search.