Transaction History

The Transaction History Report includes all ownership transfers such as quit claims and market sales, plus any mortgages including those associated with a sale or refinance – letting you quickly see both sales and finance history on a property in a single screen. As you review the report, please keep in mind that data is presented in reverse chronological order.

Additionally, document numbers are linked to actual document images (as available) that you can view or print directly from RealQuest Professional. Document images may not be available in all counties and users must be provisioned with Document Images to have access.

To use the Transaction History report:

  • Enter a subject property address from one of the following search options: subject property search, multi-subject property search, custom search or map search.
  • Once you’ve submitted your search criteria and identified your subject property, you can choose to either click on the Transaction History report in the Requested Reports box or select it from the Additional Reports Available column on the right.