Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

A variety of valuation solutions allow you to generate an individual AVM. Valuations solutions from CoreLogic include ValuePoint4®, PowerBASE®, PASS®, Home Price Analyzer® (HPA®). Additionally, we provide access to other third party AVMs, including: Home Value Explorer®, Fiserv’s CASA®, i-Val™ from Real-Info, VeroValue from Veros Real Estate Solutions and ValueWizard™ from Banton Research.

Our AVMs

If you select ValuePoint4, PowerBASE, PASS or HPA, the search page will provide you with the option of setting a Valuation Date.

  • If a date is specified, the selected property will be valued as of the date entered.
  • To value the property for a prior date, enter the past date in a (MM/DD/YYYY) format.

AVM Archive Feature

ValuePoint®4 from CoreLogic as well as Freddie Mac’s Home Value Explorer AVMs also include a report archive retrieval feature.

  • Under the Report Options column, users will notice three additional quick links
  • Select the AVM & Analytics Report Archive option

The next page provides users with the option to view AVMs and other Analytic reports (based upon your User ID) that were previously run for viewing, email, printing and other purposes.

Select as a default one of two AVM cascades that works best for you. Use the GeoAVM™ Core cascade or create your own AVM cascade.

GeoAVM™ CoreAVM Cascade

GeoAVM Core is created and maintained by CoreLogic. The rules are tested nightly and the cascade is updated quarterly.

Create Your Own AVM Cascade

This is a cascade that you configure by geographic location using one of the available AVM brands.

When you select AVM Cascade from the Report Options list, RealQuest Professional will automatically run the default cascade. you can change the default cascade at any time by navigating to the My Preferences page. Select one of the two display output options:

  • The first option, which is the default, ensures only the first successful AVM report in the sequence is purchased and displayed.
  • The second option allows for all successful AVM reports to be purchased and displayed.