Wild Card Search, Tips & Tricks

  • The Asterisk (*) – can be used if you are uncertain of the complete criteria for the field you are searching. For example, entering “green” in the street name field will return properties with a street name beginning with “green”, such as Greenfield, Greenleaf, etc.

  • Spelling – if you are not sure of the correct spelling of a street name, you can use an Asterisk (*) after the first letter or couple of letters to complete your search using a wildcard.
  • Auto Wild Card – feature available in the Owner Last Name, Owner First Name, and APN fields, automatically returns results that have a match with the search criteria entered. For example in an Owner Name search of “Martin”, the search results may include “Martinez”, “Martina”, etc.

  • The Dash (-) – can be used to search for a range of street numbers within the Advanced Address search page. Entering a range (E.e. 100- 200) in the House Number field along with a street name in the Street Name field will return any properties that are on the specified street that have a house number between the range specified.
  • Searching house number(s) that contains a dash and/or a letter – RealQuest Professional returns a single property treating the address as a standard house number. Simply enter an address containing a dash and/or letter in Address or Advanced Address search as well as the correct City, State or Zip Code to retrieve your subject property.
  • Assessor’s Parcel Number – APN is also known as Folio, Block & Lot number or the Parcel Identification Number.
  • Case Sensitive – RealQuest Professional is not case sensitive. This means that the search criteria can be entered uppercase or lowercase or in a combination thereof.
  • Save Search – You can save your search criteria by selecting the Save Search link from the search page.