Subject Property Search

This search is designed for looking up a single property, allowing you to select from 5 different types of searches including Address, Advanced Address, Range, Owner Name or APN.

  • Address – Use address search when you are sure of the address of a subject property and only want to locate that particular subject property.
  • Advanced Address – Use the advanced address search when you have a partial address for a subject property or are unable to locate a property using the address search.
  • Range – Use the Address Range Search to locate subject property(ies) on a street when the exact house number is unknown. The Range search allows users to enter starting and ending house number ranges as well as the correct City, State or Zip Code to complete their search.
  • Owner Name – Use the owner name search when you want to search for an owner name across an entire state or specific county.
  • APN - Use the Assessor’s Parcel Number search to locate a given property. Be sure to include all dashes and zeros when search by APN. If in doubt, refer to the APN Format Help option or additional detail under Training & Tips / User Tips.