Map Search

The Map Search provides a dynamic way to quickly locate properties. By combining real estate information with mapping and parcel boundary layers, RealQuest Professional provides a unique viewpoint for any property. Most users prefer to use map-based searching because of the ability to confirm the property visually as well as its ability to provide an increased hit rate when conducting multi-property or radius searches.

Select the Maps and enter a property address. if you’re not certain of the actual address or street names, simply enter in the major cross-streets and visually navigate to the appropriate area.

Begin your search by entering any of the following:

  • Street Name
  • City Name
  • County Name
  • Zip Code
  • Cross Streets

Users tend to differ on their viewing preference; therefore, you have the option to toggle between street and aerial maps with bird’s eye view. Professionals from all industries use this option to locate and research a subject property’s proximity to physical landmarks such as freeways, shopping centers and schools.

Within the mapping feature, users have the following search options:

  • Polygon Search – draw an area of any shape in order to retrieve records in the polygon.
  • Radius Search – click on any point on the map and draw the cursor out to the desired distance.
  • Rectangle Search – use the cursor to draw a rectangle the size of the desired regional area.

Once you draw your polygon, radius or rectangle, click on Find Properties to preview those located within the parameters of the search area. The properties will display below the map; however, for a quick glance, choose from more than 9 tags to visually display data labels superimposed on the map. Tag options to choose from include:

  • Estimated Value
  • Assessor Parcel Number (APN)
  • Owner Name
  • Street Number
  • Bedroom/Baths
  • Building Area
  • Lot Area
  • Sale Last 6-Months
  • Sale Last 12-Months

The estimated market value is not an appraisal or AVM; rather, it’s a starting point in determining the estimated value prior to generating an AVM or other analytic.

Additionally, the foreclosure flags are available on the map enabling users to visually identify clusters of activity by stage of foreclosure.

To assist with your presentations, our Map feature allows you to print the map with the parcel overlay(s) tags displayed. And, as if that wasn’t enough – users can also filter lists by owner, property characteristics, mortgage information and other variables to further refine their lists.

  • After “accepting” and purchasing the selected records, view a property list.
  • Select from the report options available.
  • Export records to file or create mailing labels using common Avery® templates.

Note: Resulting records “accepted” and purchased will bill according to your contractual agreement.