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Last night, the IRS had technical issues with the nationwide Secure Object Repository (SQR) mailbox that delivers tax transcripts. These issues resulted in a large number of orders returned to us via fax instead of automated delivery. These must now be manually collated and indexed before they can be provided to you. We have every available trained employee working overtime to prepare the transcript files, but please be aware that it may take several days to complete all of these orders.

The IRS corrected their technical issues late this morning and we are receiving transcripts via automated delivery once again.

Please note ,  due to the large amount of faxed orders that need to be manually processed, it is possible that your new orders could be fulfilled before your previously submitted orders. However, please do not resubmit orders that are already in the system. This will only increase the delays, and may create duplicate billing issues for you.

Again, we apologize for these transcript processing issues and we continue working with the IRS to return to stable, reliable order flows. We recognize the significance of these delays and the challenges that they create for your business. Please know we are acting as aggressively as possible to address the situation and the delays it is causing.

Thank you for choosing CoreLogic.

The backlog of 4506-T transcripts has been cleared ahead of schedule. There is a small portion of transcripts that require specialized review, which is in progress. You will receive a standard notification as soon as they are available for retrieval. We are now retrieving transcripts for orders placed on March 11th.

As a reminder, due to Federal budget constraints, the IRS advised us that each of their centers nationwide are currently operating at approximately a 72-hour turn time. Due to increased volumes, we have been advised that the return to a 48-hour turn time is still delayed. Given this, we recommend adjusting when IRS transcripts are ordered within your underwriting process.

The IRS is making a concerted effort to balance their workload across all centers. Turn time will be consistent regardless of where orders are processed. Our orders are being processed by the IRS as quickly as possible,  and our automated system and efficient QC, ensure your orders are sent to the IRS promptly.

We remain committed to providing the best service to our clients and appreciate your understanding during the past few weeks of elongated IRS turn times and nationwide IRS system issues. We understand the burden this has placed on your business and appreciate your support.

Thank you for choosing CoreLogic.

IRS Still Working on Solution

The IRS attempted system fixes early this morning that were unsuccessful in solving access to completed orders. The last system-wide messaging by the IRS to ALL providers was as follows:

“We are continuing to have issues with the SOR (completed transcripts server access). We are aware of the significance this has on you as well as your customers. The inability of you to remove and receive your delivered products is a critical work stoppage. A priority ticket is still open and being worked by our IT folks.”

While this is a nationwide IRS system issue, CoreLogic is assisting the IRS with timely feedback in their attempts to get the transcript delivery system orpational. We will continue to comunicate as the status becomes available from the IRS. In the interim, we continue to QC and submit orders for IRS fulfillment.

We apologize for anay inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for choosing CoreLogic.

Due to contractual changes, Map Reference field coverage in some counties is changing effective immediately. This change impacts slightly more than 5% of the counties. In some cases, it is possible that no Map Reference data will be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Completed transcripts cannot be released

The IRS has informed us that they are experiencing issues with their transcript delivery system. As a result, they are having serious difficulty releasing completed transcripts to their clients.  The IRS is working diligently to resolve this issue and we will notify you once system performance has returned to normal.

Please note that any 4506-T orders submitted over the past several days will experience extended fulfillment times.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for choosing CoreLogic.

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