Third Party Automated Valuation Models



AVMax is a "Hybrid Model", integrating both hedonic and index methodologies into a comp-based process to produce strong results. The strength of a hybrid model is that it renders a value based on several methodologies and can compensate for data anomalies or weaknesses. Designed for use by mortgage professionals to determine the values of residential properties, AVMax continues to excel nationally, with specific attention being paid to underserved markets. AVMax was developed by a team of modeling experts to provide the most accurate estimate of market value based on analysis of location, local market conditions, and real estate characteristics. Data for AVMax Values is pulled from both proprietary and publicly recorded property sales, deed and tax records.

Freddie Mac's Home Value Explorer®

Home Value Explorer® (HVE) is a Freddie Mac Automated Valuation Model (AVM) tool that simplifies the mortgage process by streamlining the collateral valuation cycle. HVE is an AVM that encompasses several models rolled into a single product. When you use HVE you benefit from Freddie Mac's unique proprietary algorithm that blends multiple model estimates returned by the repeat sales model and the hedonic model.

  • Forecast Standard Deviation Score
  • Confidence Socre range from 0-100 with the higher score equating to more confidence
  • Assists in evaluating insurance needs
  • Supports quality control processes

i-ValTM  from Real-Info, Inc.  

CoreLogic is an approved distributor of the i-Val report.

VeroVALUETM from Veros Real Estate Solutions 

VeroValue is a leading residential property valuation model leveraging the latest predictive technologies for fast, accurate and current valuations. Standard AVM reports include value estimate, value range, confidence score, available subject property information, market data information and historical price trends for the subject's neighborhood.

ValueWizardTM from Banton Research

CoreLogic is an approved distributor of the ValueWizard report.


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