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With RealQuest Professional, real estate professionals benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive suite of timely and reliable data and analytic solutions. Knowing that reliable and current data is the cornerstone of intelligent business decisioning, we update our database daily from thousands of public and private sources, providing you the most current information to market. This vast amount of standardized data, coupled with advanced technology, offers a single end-to-end application that addresses the full spectrum of real estate activities for brokers and agents.


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Commercial brokers, researchers, owners, investors and appraisers nationwide are tapping into the country’s largest, most-current property and transaction database and document image repository.  By taking advantage of the many solutions available, commercial investment professionals get immediate online access to the reliable, public records information they need to complete their job at hand. 

RealQuest Professional delivers immediate access to the nation’s largest property and ownership data repository.  Its comprehensive, field-rich database is updated daily and covers all commercial property types, including office, retail, multi-family, industrial, vacant land — including more than 8 million commercial properties. And it’s reliable. We continuously collect and manage raw real estate related data and imagery from more than 10,000 government and proprietary sources across more than 3,085 counties, so it’s data you can trust.

This robust solution provides the tools your company needs to succeed — information solutions unique to your workflow processes.  Using tools designed specifically for commercial real estate firms, industry leaders draw on our database to:

  • Verify ownership, property characteristics, legal description, sales and mortgage history
  • Pierce the LLC and reveal the principals behind it
  • Locate distressed properties in all stages of foreclosure
  • Identify properties with mortgages coming due
  • Uncover all property owned by a particular investor
  • Access recorded document images (mortgages, deeds) through multiple search criteria
  • Identify listing prospects, market to property owners, and increase sales
  • Extend beyond current listings and tap into a robust database of all publicly recorded sales to find comparables
  • Track market activity, sales and foreclosure trends by geography and property type (e.g., office, retail, multifamily, warehouse, etc.)

In just a few clicks, RealQuest Professional provides commercial agents and brokers with instant access to property and ownership information and analytics that can enhance productivity.  Get your advantage today with RealQuest. Common reports used by commercial real estate professionals include:

  • Comprehensive property detail reports
  • Most recent sales comparables
  • Street maps with sales comparables plotted—view comparables and their location
  • Transaction History with links to Document Images
  • Assessor’s parcel maps with the ability to measure and annotate
  • Flood maps
  • Foreclosure Activity
  • Neighborhood Information
  • And more






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8+ million commercial properties

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