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Federal, state and local government agencies nationwide benefit from our comprehensive, current and accurate property and ownership data. Supported by more than 50 years of experience, our proven track record for delivering world-class data solutions speaks for itself. 


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When Federal, State and Local government agencies need to make strategic decisions they turn to RealQuest Professional. Benefit from in-depth, standardized state-to-state, county-to-county coverage and reduce research time and cost. Because data is standardized and searching capabilities are flexible, RealQuest Professional makes it simple to find and use the latest data for determining ownership information, mortgage types and property valuations.

GSA certified, it is the largest real estate transaction database covering 140 million properties in over 3,085 counties. RealQuest Professional supports the work of:

  • State and local housing authorities
  • Economic development departments
  • Property tax assessment and collection agencies
  • School boards and education departments
  • State and national legislators and local government leaders who can initiate actions that benefit constituents
  • Law enforcement agencies who need to know which neighborhoods are being vacated to help pro-actively manage crime
  • Department of Transportation and Transit Authorities Nationwide
  • Geographic Information System providers (GIS/IT)
  • And more

Gather information necessary for verification, compliance, research, analytics and assessment. Our intuitive, robust data and analytics provide timely, accurate and comprehensive information to facilitate critical decision-making. Our data capabilities and solutions include everything from property searches and aerial maps to valuation models and document images.

RealQuest Professional works for you…

  • Retrieve information instantly, whether you are searching by address, owner name, parcel map book index or neighborhood, RealQuest has you covered with its flexible search options
  • Investigate transaction history of a property (deed & mortgage)
  • Find flood maps, current ownership information, property characteristics and current assessor parcel and aerial maps
  • Quickly link from street maps with aerial overlays that contain a bird’s-eye view to property thumbnails containing detailed property and ownership information
  • Research sales activities & trends of new and existing homes
  • Use cross-street searching functionality or conduct radius, polygon or rectangular searches using the mapping feature
  • Confirm property sale date, price, tax assessed value and legal and vesting information
  • Identify owners along easements for notification purposes
  • Appraise properties along right of way improvements
  • Download up to 25,000 records in multiple formats including common mail label formats




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4.5 million transactions per month

99.1% of the U.S. population

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