Frequently Asked Questions

 General Questions

What is RealQuest Professional?
RealQuest Professional is a never-ending property and ownership search engine that minimizes cost, increases productivity and guides you toward sound decisions – delivered direct to you by CoreLogic. It was purpose built for professional organizations requiring an all encompassing array of reports, mapping solutions, analytics and delivery options.
What types of reports are available within RealQuest Professional?
RealQuest Professional features many reports, including: Property Details, Comparables, Parcel Maps, Flood Maps, Street Maps, Aerial Maps and views, Transaction History, Voluntary Lien, Document Images, Legal & Vesting, Neighborhood Information, Foreclosure Activity, Automated Valuation Models, Borrower-risk information, current loan-to-value ratio, fraud detection solutions and other analytic tools.
Is there a quick reference guide to help me get started?
Yes. A quick reference guide is available in the Training & Tips section of this site. To better assist you, we also offer training options, which include self-paced and instructor-led online courses and traditional on-site classes. For more training information, please refer to the Training section within Training & Tips. In addition, video tutorials are available.
What browsers are supported?
RealQuest is available via the Web and requires Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 9, 10 or 11. To login to RealQuest Professional, open Internet Explorer and go to realquestpro.com.
Why don't my reports display?
Viewing reports can sometimes be blocked by pop-up blocker settings in Internet Explorer. You may need to allow popups from realquest.com and add it as a “trusted site” in your internet options.
When I try to open a report in RealQuest, it tells me that my account is not enabled for this feature. Why?
If you are getting this message, it means that you are trying to access a report that is currently outside of your subscription. If you feel that you are getting this message in error, or would like to add a report to your subscription, please contact our sales department at 866.774.3282.

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 Database Questions

Where does your data come from?
CoreLogic RealQuest is America's largest provider of advanced property and ownership information, analytics and services. Our data is the difference: 145+ million properties in over 3,085 counties covering 99% of the US population 3.8 million transactions per month 500 million historical transactions 3 billion document images Foreclosures, liens and judgments With more than 125,500 users nationwide, CoreLogic products are used by businesses to improve customer acquisition and retention, detect and prevent fraud, improve mortgage transaction cycle time and cost efficiency, measure the value of residential and commercial properties, identify real estate trends and neighborhood characteristics, track market performance and increase market share.
The information you show for me is wrong, how can I change it?
For a variety of possible reasons, the data we receive from the county about a property may be incorrect or incomplete. We suggest that you contact your county recorder's office to change the data at the source.
How do you come up with the estimated value?
The estimated value is generated by a proprietary computer score derived from publicly available property records and certain other data elements.
Is your value estimate an appraisal?
No. For a more precise and comprehensive evaluation of the market value of your home, you should contact a real estate agent or engage the services of a licensed professional appraiser
How is your data different from the other sites?
Underwriting a loan or appraising a home requires rock solid data. The Property Detail Report available for purchase on this site is the same version of one used by thousands of our mortgage and real estate customers every day. What you see in the report is exactly what lenders and real estate agents see. Isn’t it worth spending a few dollars to get the best, most reliable information available about such an important investment?
Why do some fields on the report show as Unavailable?
The completeness of data on a property varies by county.
Can I retrieve past searches or files?
Reports featuring the archive feature include: ValuePoint4, ValuePoint4 Default, LoanSafe and AVM cascades.
How do I know when you received the most recent update for my county?
You can find out the most recent update to your county by clicking on the Latest Recording Date link from the Advanced Search Option under Subject Search or via the Custom Search option (state and county must be selected first).

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 Account Set Up & Provisioning Questions

Do I need to accept the Terms & Conditions?
The first time you Login to your new RealQuest Professional account you will be prompted to read and accept the Terms and Conditions before moving on. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before clicking accept. If you have questions about the Terms and Conditions, or if you would like to receive a copy of the Terms and Conditions, please contact customer support. If at any time you wish to revisit the Terms and Conditions, they are accessible by selecting the Terms & Use link within the footer of this site.
When I login for the first time, do I need to set up anything?
The first time you login to RealQuest, you will automatically be taken to the Preferences page to set your personal preferences for default search type, Automated Valuation Modules (AVMs), default reports and your parameters for running comparable property searches.
Do you have a pay by credit card option?
RealQuest Professional does not currently allow for one-time purchases (single report) by credit card.
What subscription plans are available?
We offer many different subscription plans. Customers interested in signing up for a subscription plan will work with sales representative to develop a customized pricing plan to fit their business needs.
Who should I contact if I have questions about my account?
For billing or technical questions please contact our customer service department at 800.345.7334, Monday – Friday, 5:00AM - 10:00PM PST and Saturday - 6:00AM - 3:00PM PST. For training assistance call 800.345.7334 Monday – Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM PST. For assistance with adding coverage or options to your RealQuest subscription, contact our sales department at 866.774.3282, Monday – Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM PST.

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